A letter from a member & some business info

I received an e-mail from a member called Karen and thought I’d post it here as it gives a real insight as to why we’re doing ZodBod and what we hope our site will achieve:

“I believe that health, weight loss, and fitness all starts in the mind. For many of these woman, it’s not only a body or physical issue when they embark on a weight loss program, but rather it begins in the mind and consciously making that mental shift to choosing to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.
These woman need guidance for the mental transition from being just “interested in losing weight” to making a “conscious decision” and dedicated choice to become strong, healthy and fit. These woman need to stop wishing for weight loss and start to think with conviction and become armed with knowledge. ”

I think this is one of the key things that is lacking in today’s ‘diet and fitness’ industry (for want of a better word). Everyone tends to talk about calories, and exercise techniques which is really important but they fail to touch upon the most important thing – how to train your mind to want to do these things.

On ZodBod we give people the platform to share information about how the mentally overcame obstacles, as well as letting them share the specific eating and exercise habits they used.

On the business front:

We’ve received the tracking tools back from a third party developer which is great and hopefully will have them ‘plugged in’ by the end of the day. Also our payments system is now virtually finished, and once these two bits are done then there’s no stopping us.

We’ve also hooked up with a local PPC marking business who will be taking charge of our online marketing campaign. I’ve also got a contract back from the solicitors assigning the IP rights of the code and design to ZodBod which is a really important step for anyone setting up a website. Especially if one day you plan on selling it.

Another thing I hope to resolve today is creating a structure for share options within the business. As a start-up we’ve got to be extra careful with the funds we have at our disposal so paying employees with shares in the business is a great motivator for them as they’ll be sharing in our (fingers crossed) success, whilst saving us capital in the here and now.

Thanks for reading!


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